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All music on this website is written and performed by John Margerum. Every instrument is played by the performer using a Yamaha Tyros 5 Workstation Keyboard and edited using Adobe Audition.

    This is the home of Artist John Margerum.  John has had a successful career in painting, stoneware pottery, photography, digital fine art, abstract pastel painting, and mixed-media work. He has appeared at over 1200 Art Shows throughout the U.S. and has received over 300 awards and 56,000 individual purchases of his work over his lifetime.  He has been the owner of 2 Galleries and has been represented by many others.  After 50-plus years of active work, John now resides near the shores of beautiful Blue Lake in DeLand, Florida, and enjoys a variety of studios set up for working in many media.





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Music by John Margerum

A Day Off Bosa Nova - John Margerum
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The image is a large blue fish and smaller fish swimming around a castle which is embedded with fire.

Mr. Bluefish and His Artistic Friends Spend a Day in Hell at Goodrich Castle

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